Since its foundation in 2004, our office has defended individuals, companies and associations in all the areas.

We cover : business, corporate (company), tax, contract, property, labour, civil (public), and criminal law.

Our office has developed an in-depth knowledge of all these branches of the law, allowing fruitful synergies to be made in large number of cases.

We welcome as clients large and small companies, the commercial and the non-commercial sectors and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our Approach / Our pluri-disciplinary approach combined with our cross-cutting perspective on problems means that we can offer fast, efficient and constructive solutions.

Our office provide both legal advice and defence in court - in other words, we act as both solicitors and barristers.

In our advisory role, we aim for efficiency and rapidity at an affordable cost tailored to the client.

In litigation, wherever possible we try to reach constructive out-of-court solutions. If an out-of-court solution is not possible, we bring our clients our considerable expertise in arguing their case before the court to reach an outcome that is human and fair.


Antoine Ricard
Member of the Paris and Brussels Bar
Former Conference Secretary


Bruno Ringuier
Member of the Paris Bar


François Arnould
Member of the Paris Bar


Juliette Le Bras
Legal Assistant

The Firm assists its clients in the following domains:

/ Business law

The Firm assists companies and individuals on all aspects of business law:

  • Commercial law and commercial contracts,
  • Leases,
  • Assistance and consultancy assignments linked to the prevention and resolution of the difficulties facing corporations.
/ Contracts and Corporate/personal assets law
  • Structuration of assets (holding, SCI, etc…),
  • Acquisitions and transfer of enterprises and businesses,
  • Civil law.
/ Criminal law
  • General Criminal law,
  • Criminal law as applicable to business,
  • Criminal law as applicable to labour.
/ Labour law
  • Pre-litigation relationship,
  • Conflicts (Follow-up of disciplinary and judicial procedures, negotiations and transactions),
  • Drafting of contracts and agreements,
  • Transfer of enterprises and reorganization,
  • assistance to Works Councils and other institutions representing the work force,
  • Social Security law.
/ Taxation
  • Personal, national and international tax counselling,
  • Corporate taxation counselling at national and international level,
  • Support offered to taxpayers during tax audits and disputes involving the tax authorities,
  • Support and defence.
/ Corporate law
  • Corporate law and law of non-profit organization,
  • Status and liabilities of managers/shareholders,
  • Relationships between shareholders (shareholders' agreement),
  • Relationships and conflicts between shareholders and managers.
/ Public law
  • Public partnerships, public-private partnerships,
  • French city planning laws and regulations,
  • Environmental law,
  • Public Service law.

Values / The Lawyers employed by the firm have taken an oath whereby they undertake to discharge their responsibilities in conscience and in a spirit of independence, dignity, humanity and probity. On a day-to-day basis, these represent the core values governing the exercise of their profession.

In compliance with these values, the firm takes care, with regard to each client, to determine with him the most suitable method of invoicing. This takes into account, among others, the time spent, the complexity of the case, its specific nature and duration, the result achieved and the client’s financial position.

Clubs and societies /
  • The Firm is a member of ACE (association of business lawyers) /,
  • The Firm is a member of the Board of directors of the Primo Levi association, soins et soutien aux personnes victimes de la torture et de la violence politique /,
  • The Firm is a member of the Former Conference Secretaries /

Duty of confidentiality / The Lawyers are subject to observance of the ethical rules of the Bar Association, particularly as regards absolute observance of the duty of confidentiality.

Partners / The firm networks with other independent specialist lawyers, as well as with all the other law professionals, the aim being to provide its clients with a comprehensive and coherent range of services.

The firm has a second office in Brussels, which forms part of the firm known as San Bartolome Associés. The latter is made up of European lawyers working in every branch of business and Community law. San Bartolome Associés also enjoys an associative relationship with the Gil Robles and Moreno firm located in Madrid.

/ Paris

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1050 Bruxelles
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